Philosophy of Athletics

The primary goal of Santa Maria athletics is to foster the physical, academic, and moral development of all student athletes in the program. It is our belief that the benefits of athletic participation extends beyond the courts and fields of athletic competition into the challenges of life; therefore, we must strive to instill the self-discipline, character, work ethic, and cooperative skills that will give our student athletes the best chance to succeed in any endeavor and to develop a healthy self-esteem.

We feel that this can best be achieved through a fair and impartial implementation of the Athletic Handbook; through establishing and conveying clearly defined expectations; through the use of achievement oriented, enthusiastic coaching methods; and through an organized and collective approach to coaching.

We believe that coaches must be teachers, motivators, and positive role models, and that they must demonstrate that they genuinely care about their student athletes and their profession. We recognize the importance of professional development; of a close relationship with administrators, teachers, and the community; and of the provision of clean, well-maintained facilities and equipment. We advocate the equality of all students, regardless of race, gender, and economic condition. Winning will always be an important catalyst for our program, but our most important benchmark for success is the development of student athletes who will be prepared to face any competition or challenge with their best efforts.