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  • SMISD Curbside Update

    SMISD will be temporarily suspending curbside meals as of today (4-6-2020). Until further notice.

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  • High School Chromebooks

    The High School will begin distributing Chromebooks to students who do not have either a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer in their homes. Please adhere to the following requirements:

    1. Must have a student attending Santa Maria High School.
    2. Only one Chromebook will be checked out per family.
    3. Only a parent or legal guardian can check out a Chromebook.
    4. Parents/Legal Guardians are responsible for any damages to the Chromebook while it is checked
    out to them.

    In order to keep our families and community safe, the campus has developed a process that follows social distancing requirements during the Chromebook check out process. Please be sure to follow the steps below:
    Step 1: Parent/Legal Guardian will fill out and submit the online checkout form using this link:
    Step 2: Parent/Legal Guardian will be scheduled for a date and time to collect the Chromebook.
    Please be sure that the contact information given in the form is current to ensure we are able to
    communicate your scheduled time.
    Step 3: Parent/Legal Guardian will arrive at the scheduled time and collect the Chromebook. Only the
    Parent/Legal Guardian that filled out the online form will be allowed to pick up the device and only one
    Parent/Legal Guardian will be allowed to enter the High School at a time. Parents that have arrived
    early, will need to wait in their vehicles until their scheduled time. If you are running late on your
    scheduled time, please contact the High School.
    Step 4: Parent/Legal Guardian will be contacted to return the Chromebook once the school year
    has ended. Parent/Legal Guardian will be following the same process as listed above.
    Please understand that the amount of Chromebooks are limited in supply and parents will be scheduled
    in the order that they submit the online form. Please allow one to two days for the Parental Involvement
    Department to contact you for your scheduled time.

    Please note that Chromebooks do not have internet access and must be connected to Wifi to work.

    The deadline to submit a request for a Chromebook is Tuesday 4/7/2020 at 12:00 PM.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your school administrator.

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  • Santa Maria Middle School Instructional Sessions on ZOOM

    Teachers will be available "Live" to answer any assignment questions. Every Tues./Thurs. (a.m. and p.m.) Accept Zoom invite by email.

    Schedule PDF

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  • New Curbside Meals Hours and Location

    Starting March 30, 2020
    Meal packets consisting of both breakfast and lunch will be served from 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM.
    Parents are now allowed to pick up meals without the student present, but must bring the student's lunch ID number.
    New pick up location for meals will be at the student pick up area located by the cafeteria.

    Reference Map

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  • Important Notice

    March 24, 2020
    To the Parents and Staff of Santa Maria lndependent School District:
    Santa Maria ISD announces that due to Cameron County implementing an
    emergency mandatory shelter in place, we regret to inform you that schools will
    remain closed until further notice.

    Martin Cuellar
    Superintendent of Schools

    Full Letters Below
    English Letter
    Spanish Letter 

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  • SMISD Distance Learning Resources

    Please click the link below then follow the instructions prompted on the website.…/smisddistancelearningresour…/home

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  • SMISD Curbside Meals Schedules

    Breakfast 7:30 AM - 8:30 AM
    Lunch 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
    Pick up in front of TGE
    March 23 through April 3 (Monday - Friday)
    Only for students (18 and under & must be in Car)

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  • Notice

    March 12, 2020

    Good afternoon Santa Maria ISD Family,

    The Santa Maria Independent School District Custodial, Maintenance and Transportation Department is providing update on the COVID-19 prevention for all school District campuses.  We have started using universal precautions, by using  GS neutral disinfectant 103 for highly touched surfaces,  example: door knobs, water fountains, sinks and toilet flashers, light switches, etc., This process is being done four (4) times a day.

    Student and teacher desks are being disinfected with the same disinfectant at the end of each day.  All classrooms and locker rooms are disinfected with a fogger that covers the whole room every other Friday, we are also installing hand sanitizer for all offices, libraries, gym locker rooms and classrooms.

    All School buses are also included in the same process of disinfecting at the end of each AM/PM route and using the disinfectant fogger every other Friday. Custodians and   Maintenance staff are required to use latex gloves during this cleaning process.

    Please continue monitoring social media and our website as we will provide updates on continued measure to ensure the health of our students and staff.


    NOTE:  GS Neutral Disinfectant 103 and Pheno-D fogger, are used in Hospitals for such purposes. This pH quaternary disinfectant cleaner formulated to kill a broad spectrum of microorganisms. Effective against HIV-1 virus, HIV-2 virus, Hepatitis B virus, hepatitis C and Types 1&2 viruses on pre-cleaned surfaces /objects previously soiled with blood/body fluids. 

    Martin Cuellar
    Superintendent of Schools

    For the full letter click the link below.
    Coronavirus Notice 

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  • Notice

    Dear Santa Maria ISD Family,
    Santa Maria ISD continues to monitor media reports and information about the coronavirus
    (COVID-19). While there are currently no cases or suspected cases in the district, we will continue to closely follow reports and information shared by public health officials.
    Much is being learned about this newly emerged virus. Based on the current information, health officials are recommending local communities and schools should take the same steps to protect against coronavirus as we take to prevent the spread of everyday illnesses like the common cold or the flu. 

    To continue reading please click on the links below:

    Letter in English
    Carta en Espanol

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  • Notice

    Due to power outage, SMISD is allowing parents to picked students if they wish to. Classes will continue as scheduled. The bus route will remain on the regular schedule. 3-4-2020

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