Student/Parent FAQ

  • -What if I don't know my email or password?
    Please contact the student's campus for further instruction.

    -How do I download classroom apps?

    Most apps will already be download into Chromebooks the school provides. If you have personal computers, download links will be posted in your childs' Google classroom. You may also request support via email or phone.
    Tony Gonzalez Elementary (TGE) 
    TGE Phone: (956)565-5348
    Middle School (SMMS)
    Middle School Phone:(956)-565-6309
    High School (SMHS)
    High School Phone:(956)565-9144

    -How to get in contact with my child's' teacher?
    Contacting your students' teacher will be as always. By calling the school is the best way to set up a teacher conference. Remember to call the appropriate campus for the child you are calling about.

    Central Office:(956) 565-6308
    TGE School:(956)565-5348
    Middle School:(956)-565-6309
    High School:(956)565-9144

    -How can I see my grades?
    Parents can check on their childs' grades through the Parent Portal. Click the link below to get started.

    Parent Portal:

    What options do parents have for students returning to school?
    Option 1: In school instruction- face to face instruction (Due to COVID-19, Cameron County has postponed this option until September 28, 2020)
    ● Classroom Instruction available for all students (Pre-K through 12th grade)
    ● Students will attend a class every day at their assigned campus

    Option 2: Synchronized instruction (Live instruction at home)
    ● Live Classroom Instruction at home for students from 3rd grade to 12th grade
    ● Students need to have a technology device that has access to the internet
    ● Students must follow a full daily schedule established by the school

    Option 3: A-synchronized Instruction at home
    ● This option is required for Pre-K through 2nd-grade students (These students may have some live instruction at home for short periods of time)
    ● This option is available for students in grades 3-12 who do not have access to a technology device with internet access
    ● Students will be able to view pre-recorded lessons and work on assignments independently. In case there are any questions from students or parents, the school will provide a schedule regarding the availability of teachers throughout the week.
    ● The school will provide a daily schedule for teachers and students to monitor student learning and progress.

     Please Note: As per TEA, school grading policies for remote student work must be consistent with those used before COVID for on-campus assignments.

    -What is a hotspot?
    A Hotspot is a device that transmits wireless internet (WI-FI) using cellular service. When a Wi-Fi capable device is near or in range of this device it will connect to the internet.

    -Why is my hotspot slow?
     Speed and signal strength depending on the location of the device. For example, if your home has a metal roof signal my struggle to get through. If possible place the hotspot by a window. Distance from the Hotspot may also be a factor if you're in a different room speed and strength from the Hotspot may weaken. Try moving into the same room as the device.

    -Where does my hotspot work?
    Almost everywhere in the continental US. Also in some areas in Alaska and Hawaii. 

    -How many devices can be connected to the hotspot at once? 
    15 devices can be connected to the device at a time. Internet speeds may vary with excessive devices connected. Try removing some devices to improve speeds.

    -I forgot my username and password what do I do?
    Please contact the campus the child pertains to for assistance.