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Week of October 18, 2021

Did you know that one of the best birding festivals in the United States is held here in the
RGV? Did you know that nature tourism infuses millions of dollars into the RGV economy? Did
you know that the valley has several birding centers? Did you know that over 500 species of
birds have been documented in the RGV? Did you know that two SMISD students entered the
Festival Art Contest.? Yes they did! Winners will be announced on October 22nd.


It seems is was just yesterday that the teams had their first cross country practice where less
than five runners participated. Now we fast forward to the second week of October and the
coaches have a full contingent of a whopping 13 runners preparing for their Regional Meet in
Corpus on October 25th. Kudos are in order for both coaches as not only were they able to
field teams but both squads were exceedingly competitive. Coach White's Girls Team raced
their way to the 32-2A District Championship and on the boys side Coach Jimenez's squad
came in a close second. Prior to the District Meet both coaches were extremely optimistic
about their teams chances to do well at the District Meet and advancing to regionals and as it
turns out their runners did not disappoint them at all. Whew! What a season it has been. A
season that has seen the teams travel from the beaches of South Padre Island to the dusty
fields of Premont to the shores of Corpus Christi Bay and a few other places in between. Truly
a magnificent journey of a thousand miles that is still going strong and that began with a
single step in the sweltering heat of an August summer. Hard work does indeed pay off. Take
a Bow, Super Job, Congrats!

1. Mia Picazo (2nd),
2. Joselyn Villasana (4th),
3. Marlett Flores(15th),
4. Lucero Chavez (17th),
5. Maya Lopez (20th),
6. Giselle Mendoza (21st),
7. Gabriella Gutierrez (27th).

1. Juan Morales (1st),
2. Angel Gonzalez (9th),
3. Ivan Rico (13th),
4. Rosendo Fernandez (14th),
5. Emmanuel Diaz (18th),
6. Pablo Ibarra (25th)

And Always Run Like a COUGAR!


Although this week we were off on Monday, it was a great
week at Santa Maria High School! Fall is in the air, days are
getting shorter and next month we will have daylight savings
time. I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe. The first
six week report cards were mailed out last Wednesday. The
teachers have worked hard to provide various opportunities for
students to complete their assignments to improve their
grades. We want to help students be successful.
Please remember that the instructional day begins at 8:00 A.M.
and we want students to be at school daily. Please encourage
your students to attend class on time. Our classes are 45
minutes long and it is so important that students stay in class
for the entire time so that they do not miss any instruction or
This week we had FAFSA night for our seniors in preparation
for enrolling at a university and receiving financial aid. Dr. Lara,
our counselor, and Christina Gonzalez, parental involvement
coordinator, helped organize the event along with Texas
Southmost College. They met with the seniors and their
parents to assist them in completing their applications for
financial aid.
Together I know we all want the same goal and will do
everything we can to make sure all of our students are
successful and receive a top notch education. Have a great
weekend and remember to reach out if we can help in any way.

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