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SMISD Internet Connectivity Letter

October 7, 2020

Dear Santa Maria ISD parents,

The Santa Maria Cougars are standing strong! Regardless of the many challenges that 2020 and Covid-19 have brought upon us, we want to thank you for the tremendous cooperation and extra efforts you have expended as parents to help us ensure that together, we stand strong" behind our children! To date, Santa Maria ISD and our Cougar parents have worked together to continue our students' education and provide the best possible, safe, and healthy opportunity for learning.

That being said, we are continuing to work toward bettering the.situation as much as possible, including addressing the concern of unstable internet access, or no access at all. We have just received previously ordered hot spots which will facilitate the connectivity of those areas of our district which have had problems accessing the internet.

Therefore, if you previously reported to school officials that your child does not have internet access at home, please contact your child's school to check out a Hot Spot. please note that students who will use a school issued hot spot must also use a school-issued Chromebook. Again, please contact your school so that we may provide these important and essential technology tools to your child.

Thank you once again for your cooperation and understanding as we continue to do all we can to serve our students and our community!

Martin Cuellar
Superintendent of Schools

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