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Public Hearing for Targeted Improvement Plan

SANTA MARIA ISD 11/30/2020
Military Highway 281, P.O. Box 448/11119 Military Road, Santa Maria, TX 78592

Tony Gonzalez Elementary has been assigned the rating of “Comprehensive Support” by the Texas Education
Agency (TEA) based on the 2019 State Accountability System. As such, public meetings are required* to discuss the
campus performance, campus performance objectives, and solicit input on the proposed Targeted Improvement. All
interested stakeholders are invited to attend.

Date: December 14, 2020
Time: 4:30 PM

Meeting ID: 751 5238 6715
Passcode: Pmm1R6
For more information, contact Gaby Monreal, DCSI, at (956) 565-5348.

*Texas Academic Code 97.1061(a)(3)(A)(ii) and Texas Education Code Section 39A.055(2)

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